Theme Hospital


Direct and manage your own hospital


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Theme Hospital is a real-time strategy and management game where you have to construct your own hospital while keeping each little detail in mind. That is to say, your job will go from contracting staff and doing the accounting of the hospital to creating waiting rooms and placing vending machines.

In the beginning of the game you will almost always have to construct a reception desk and contract a receptionist that will be vital to attend to the patients when they arrive. The next step will be to have a good diagnosis room so that you can start treating the patients.

From here on is where Theme Hospital can become something more complicated because you have to build a lot of different rooms to treat the different diseases that exist. Bigheadedness, invisibility, flu, KingComplex... there are a lot of weird diseases that you will have to treat carefully.

Of course, each time you cure a patient he will pay you so contracting good doctors and having good installations is fundamental if you want to start making money and reach your goals.

Theme Hospital is a very entertaining strategy game that despite existing more than a decade it stays as fresh as the first day. An authentic reference for management games.

You will need DOSBOX to make the game work.


The demo of the game only lets you play the first levels.

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